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So, you have products ready to sell. Congratulations! Now, how do you get those products to co-packers, dispensaries, and onto store shelves? A Sales Menu is a fantastic starting point. 

This report is both beautiful and actionable for your sales team and customers to make great decisions. Think about it. You put a menu in the hands of your customers every time they see you. 

It should work smarter for you, not harder. 

What is a Sales Menu?

The Sales Menu is a standard Backbone in-app report that includes product images. This professional  sales menu can be shared with end-customers like co-packers or dispensaries. The final sales menu report can be shared via email, social media, or exported to a .CSV file as usual, and can also be downloaded as a PDF report. 

How to Create a Sales Menu and Be Ready for Sale

Creating a Sales Menu in Backbone is only a few clicks away. 

The menu will only populate with materials that have been marked as "Ready for Sale." You can do that from a material ID page, or make batch selections from the Inventory page. 

PRO-TIP: Nice Pictures Make Better Menus 

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When it's time to take pictures of products for your Sales Menus, hiring a professional photographer isn't necessarily a must. With a modest equipment investment, you can take handsome pictures of your products in-house, at your convenience. 

In fact, we strongly recommend the DIY approach. This will enable more pictures in your Sales Menus since it’ll be easier for you to snap those pics as needed. More pictures leads to more interest and better sales! 

Learn more about our Sales Menu Feature and set up a free demo today.

It’s your process. Let’s envision it together.

If you are looking to scale efficiently, prepare for global trade, align with GMP/ISO standards, or just simply getting off of spreadsheets to ensure you are audit-ready, Backbone is the platform to help you do it right.

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