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Dylan Livingearth

Senior Solutions Architect

Dylan Livingearth is a Senior Implementation Specialist and Solutions Architect who is committed to radical transparency in monitoring and reporting as a strategy for cannabis industry success. A self-described “Cannabis Data Perfectionist and Babylon Sherpa,” Dylan aspires to implement Backbone for every cannabis brand seeking radical transparency and extreme data integrity. As senior public service administrator turned cannabis business professional turned Backbone software Solutions Architect, Dylan has a unique perspective when it comes to actioning the importance of data integrity, real-time monitoring and reporting, and operator advanced level expertise. He is uniquely qualified with a background in government as CTO for the Illinois Dept. of Human Services. Prior to that, he was known as the “Impact Tracking Czar'' for the Mayor's office of Economic Development in the City of Chicago where he managed monitoring and reporting projects and data capture applications for the City of Chicago, the Chicago Housing Authority, and Chicago Public Schools.

Dylan spent the last 15 years in the legal cannabis industry acquiring licenses and acting in executive capacities for a long list of Humboldt brands including Talking Trees, Emerald Family, Redwood Roots, Space Gem, Headwaters, Humboldt’s Finest and Wonderland. He typically served as CFO, COO, CEO, or Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), and as a consultant. Dylan is most passionate about creating transparency that results in building trust between industry operators. In his free time, Dylan enjoys being a cannabis zone coordinator for large music festivals in CA.

Learn more about Dylan at LinkedIn.

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If you are looking to scale efficiently, prepare for global trade, align with GMP/ISO standards, or just simply getting off of spreadsheets to ensure you are audit-ready, Backbone is the platform to help you do it right.

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