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Erika Tingey

Head of Product

As Head of Product, Erika is responsible for the engagement and development of Backbone’s customizable cannabis manufacturing supply chain software. She champions her personal mission to help businesses be successful with support and creativity by:

  • Solving unique challenges cannabis companies face

  • Developing features based on client insights

  • Nurturing the future vision for Backbone products

Erika holds a Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages from Pomona College and Master of Fine Art in Choreography from Mills College. Erika speaks French and has studied Russian. She also studied abroad in Paris and Brussels.

Drawing from her background as a software engineer at QuickBooks and Product Management at Sage Intacct, Erika brings expertise in financial systems, accounting, and inventory to the needs of enterprise customers. 

Erika is passionate about solving customer problems, making sure teams are running in the right direction, and getting the job done as expected. Erika is talented in product design, data analysis, problem-solving, and customer research at Backbone.

Learn more about Erika on LinkedIn and Instagram.

It’s your process. Let’s envision it together.

If you are looking to scale efficiently, prepare for global trade, align with GMP/ISO standards, or just simply get off of spreadsheets to ensure you are audit-ready, Backbone is the platform to help you do it right.

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