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Picture of Hardik Tuteja

Hardik Tuteja

Strategy Lead

Hardik Tuteja helps people and businesses innovate, create, and flow in harmony. 

As the Strategy Lead at Backbone, he is in charge of identifying and defining strategic opportunities in new verticals, as well as co-developing technical solutions to support them. For Hardik, bringing technology to sustainability is the most rewarding part of the role.

Hardik holds a Bachelors degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Industrial Engineering. Before Backbone, he was the Director of Flow at a cannabis supply chain software company. He has appeared on numerous podcasts talking about technology, blockchain, mindfulness meditation, and mushrooms! 

Outside of the office, you can find Hardik practicing meditation and yoga, growing mushrooms, designing clothes, or vlogging his travels with his drone.

It’s your process. Let’s envision it together.

If you are looking to scale efficiently, prepare for global trade, align with GMP/ISO standards, or just simply get off of spreadsheets to ensure you are audit-ready, Backbone is the platform to help you do it right.

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