Quickbooks Online

QuickBooks Online integrates with Backbone

Backbone is integrated with QuickBooks Online to provide the critical link between Operations and Finance. Manage your business operations in Backbone and use QuickBooks Online as the general ledger.

Quickbooks desktop

Using Backbone with Quickbooks streamlines your financial workflow

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    Financial statements

    Your financial statement data readily available at your fingertips

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    Real-time data

    On-demand, accurate, and customizable financial detail ready in real time

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    Keep moving

    Skip chasing Accountants or Operators for info needed to keep work going

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    Expert-level COGS

    Expert-level COGS give you a near-perfect look at your business

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    Accurate reports

    Accurate P&L statements and balance sheets

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    Scale your business

    Scale your business with ease

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    Created by pros

    This integration was created by developers who used to work at Intuit

How do we use your data? We don't.

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    Data is encrypted, in transit and at rest

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    Sync with QuickBooks Online works automatically

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    Cloud storage

    Our systems are SOC1, SOC2, and SOC3 audited and compliant

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    There is flexibility to fix mistakes and update later

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    Closed books

    Backbone respects closed books, period

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    Backbone permissions can be set up so you can grant access to sensitive data, like direct labor, as needed

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    No selling data

    Backbone and our hosting service never sell data to third parties

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    Customer data is backed up nightly and maintained in secure storage

It’s your process. Let’s envision it together.

If you are looking to scale efficiently, prepare for global trade, align with GMP/ISO standards, or just simply get off of spreadsheets to ensure you are audit-ready, Backbone is the platform to help you do it right.

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